Tea Tree Oil Genital Warts Cure

Tea Tree Oil: Can It Really Work?

Somehow you’ve got genital warts. Now you want to get rid of it. Treatments in hospitals can often be embarrassing, painful and costly, and ideally you don’t want to have to tell your family and friends. You’re looking for a natural treatment that has been shown to work on genital warts, and you want it quickly at an affordable price.

Unfortunately we can no longer recommend tea tree oil
as a cure for genital warts of any type. It SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK!

We STRONGLY advise you try WARTOL instead.

This decision comes after much research and evidence from our helpful readers.

This is the situation faced by many unfortunately sufferers every single day. So what are your options?

The only treatment that comes highly recommended and backed by proven expert medical knowledge is Wartol.

Wartol is a tried and tested solution to the genital warts problem. It is discussed elsewhere on this site, and this is one of the biggest selling wart relief products available on the market. Tea tree oil, however, is something of an unknown quantity. Many people look to tea tree oil as a potent and effective solution to the genital warts problem. In fact, it is not. Many people have been disappointed

Wartol is the ONLY product that we know of that provides an effective cure.


What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil (or Melaleuca oil) is a powerful natural antiseptic with anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It is a hydrophobic essential oil that is found mainly in the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia of New Zealand and Australia. The natives who discovered the medical value of this plant used it to cure cuts of skin and burns: simply crushed the leaves and applied the concentration on the skin directly.

The tea tree oil can also be extracted from the leaves and it is this concentrated solution that is allegedly used to cure a huge variety of ailments from staph infections, Candidiasis and, of course, genital warts, although there is only anecdotal proof. The cure supposedly comes from the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the oil, and these should mean that it not only soothes and eases pain in affected areas, but it actually has long-term beneficial effects for your skin. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the oil doesn’t seem to have the desired effect on genital warts.

Getting Tea Tree Oil

Getting hold of tea tree oil is very easy. Manuka Health is a New Zealand based company that sells authentic tea tree oil and other health products. They ship worldwide, and prices start from under $25. It is worth reiterating, however, that this is not a recommended solution to genital warts. If you want to try it out then of course, go ahead. But please come back and purchase some Wartol when the oil has little or no effect.

How Should You Use Tea Tree Oil?

The oil is spread on a compress and is applied on the affected area at night. The compress is ribboned till morning. One has to be patient and consistent to see the results as this treatment requires consistent prolonged efforts from the patient’s side (may take several weeks or even months). The remedy may take more time depending on the size and location of the warts.

One highlight of the tea tree oil genital warts cure is that since you are using natural ingredients, there are no side effects of this treatment and although it is not powerful enough to eliminate the signs of the HPV virus completely, it might soothe for a while. Worth a go? Up to you.

The way the skin reacts to tea tree oil genital warts treatment differs from person to person. Sometimes the skin may become dry and irritated on a direct usage.

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